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Books by Jeanette DePatie and Ragen Chastain

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The Fat Chick Works Out!  Fitness that’s fun and feasible for folks of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.  Jeanette DePatie

Based on knowledge gleaned over a lifetime of getting her big butt in motion and decades of teaching people who haven’t exercised in a while (or ever), are terrified of exercise, or just hate to exercise, Jeanette’s best-selling book, The Fat Chick Works Out! helps enjoy moving your body again.

The book has three main sections:  “Get Ready!” helps you revise your thinking about your body and your relationship with fitness.  “Get Set” helps you design an exercise program that fits your life and your body.  “Go” gets you started on your twelve-week journey towards fitness and helps you fly above, around and through all the obstacles life throws your way so you can stick with the program.

Filled with over 50 daily exercises, tons of color pictures and hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking stories from The Fat Chick’s own journey, The Fat Chick Works Out will not only help you get fit, but also help you love and find peace in the skin you’re in.

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The Fat Chick Works Out! (DVD) Jeanette DePatie

Fat Chick Works Out DVD is unique in more ways than its chubby host. The Fat Chick Works Out is designed as a twelve-week training program. The DVD is progressive, meaning it starts out easy and gets a little more difficult each week.

In addition, the program only adds one or two new steps each week that are carefully taught before the workout begins.  And each week comes with its own Peep TalkTM–a short motivational talk that includes a special health challenge for the week such as drinking more water or developing a support network.   Your program is custom built for you.  All you have to is click!

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Ragen Chastain

Fat: The Owner’s Manual – Navigating a Thin-Obsessed World with Your Health, Happiness, and Sense of Humor Intact, is now available in soft-cover and e-book!

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Volume 1:

Beginner Routine – I Love to Love You by Candye Kane

This routine was created to help you practice the basics – step touches, grapevines, pivot turns, rhythm and weight changes, all while moving your body and having fun. Music is I Love to Love you by Candye Kane, available on iTunes and used with permission.

Intermediate Routine: Mistress Carmen by Candye Kane

This routine is a little sassy, a little sexy, and a lot of fun with a combination of latin, swing, and cabaret-style moves that will keep you moving and grooving. Song is Mistress Carmen by Candye Kane, available on iTunes and used with permission.

Advanced Routine:  Heavy Woman by Single Bass

A quirky routine combining lyrical and modern movement styles, small and precise movements with large supple movements to tell the story of the Heavy Woman.  Music is Heavy Woman by Single Bass available at, and used with permission.

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Volume 2

Beginner Routine: Smoke and Leather by Darci Monet

This beginner routine includes work with rhythm, weight changes, and hip swaying, all while having a blast. The song is Smoke and Leather by Darci Monet, available at and used with permission.

Intermediate Routine – Super Hero by Candye Kane

Feel empowered and strong with this routine that’s based on Swing and retro moves with a splash of kicking to keep you going strong.  Music is Super Hero by Candye Kane, available on iTunes and Used with Permission

Advanced Routine:  Work What You Got by Candye Kane

This action-packed routine uses moves from jitterbug, lindy hop, and latin dancing. The instruction section let’s you start off slow and build up speed for all kinds of dance fun and excitement. Music is Work What You got by Candye Kane, available on iTunes and used with permission.