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The way we feel about our bodies affects every area of our lives – relationships, career, health and more. The Body Love Obstacle Course (BLOC) is a 10-week, proven, step-by-step program that will give you the tools, coaching, and community to create a rock solid foundation of self-esteem and body love, and teach you the strategies and skills you’ll need to leverage that to create the life you’ve always wanted no matter what obstacles the world puts in your way.

Our relationships with our bodies don’t happen in a vacuum, so just learning to see our beauty isn’t going to cut it.  On our journey to body love and amazing lives, the world throws obstacles in our way – obstacles that aren’t our fault, but become our problem.  We’ll teach you practical, realistic, proven strategies to go above, around, and through the obstacles that the world puts in front of you, to get to the life you’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately registration for the Body Love Obstacle Course has closed for this session. But if you would like to be informed about future sessions, please fill in the form below. Thanks!

Jeanette and Ragen